Map the Right Talent to the Right roles with the Right Skills

Fit the accurate talents to their ideal tasks and watch your business boost at a 2X rate!

Techademy ULXP’s Competency Mapping model helps you strategically map talent to roles based on the specific competencies required. By analyzing individual strengths, identifying skill gaps, and aligning capabilities with organizational goals, you can create a robust talent framework that drives high performance and accelerates growth.

Understand who needs to be where with our assessment engine

Techademy-Yaksha, our auto-graded and fully customizable assessment engine, allows you to evaluate your teams in 32+ technologies and programming languages! This will help you in an effortless competency mapping process to bring the right talent to the right roles and ensure your projects are being worked on by the right teams that can deliver!

Map closely related skills through skill clusters

A diverse and adaptable workforce is the key to driving growth and innovation. By leveraging the advantages of competency mapping in skill clusters, Techademy’s ULXP provides enterprises with a comprehensive approach to identify the interconnectedness of skills within their teams. This allows you to uncover hidden talent, optimize resource allocation, and open up broad transitioning options for your tech teams.

According to a study published by the Journal of Composition Theory, about 68% of the participating managers stated that competency mapping is an incredible approach that leads to successful operations in an organization.

Get customized reports and insightful analyses

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Techademy’s customized reports and insightful analyses. Our powerful analytics tools for competency mapping provide comprehensive and tailored reports that reveal meaningful patterns, trends, and performance indicators specific to your organization. Uncover actionable insights about your workforce, skill gaps, training effectiveness, and more. With our intuitive reporting capabilities, you can:

Optimize talent management strategies

Drive targeted interventions

Maximize the impact of your initiatives

Experience the potential of informed decision-making

With Techademy’s ULXP’s advanced competency mapping frameworks, you can

Identify Skill Interdependencies

Discover how skills within your tech teams are interconnected, allowing you to leverage this knowledge for improved team collaboration and project outcomes.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Competency mapping in HR helps streamline your talent management strategies by identifying skill clusters, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and reducing redundancy.

Foster Career Growth

Empower your employees to explore new roles and career pathways by mapping closely-related skills, opening up broader transitioning options within your organization.

Targeted Training and Development

Pinpoint skill gaps and develop targeted training programs to enhance your team's capabilities and keep up with the dynamic tech landscape.

Targeted Training and Development

Pinpoint skill gaps and develop targeted training programs to enhance your team's capabilities and keep up with the dynamic tech landscape.

Drive Innovation and Adaptability

Build an agile workforce that can quickly adapt to changing industry demands, fostering a culture of innovation and competitive advantage

Ready to take your tech team to new heights? Contact us today to learn more about the steps in Competency Mapping and how we can empower your organization to navigate the future with confidence.

Seamlessly Identify and Plug Skill Gaps in Your Tech Teams

Skill gaps in IT teams are not uncommon, regardless of the sector in question. Identifying and addressing skill gaps is crucial for the growth and success of your tech teams.

Our Unified Learning Experience Platform, powered by our integrated assessments platform – Techademy Yaksha – enables you to seamlessly identify skill gaps within your workforce.
You can use comprehensive assessment data and analytics to pinpoint areas of improvement and create targeted learning paths for your employees, helping your teams bridge the gap between current and desired skill levels, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need to excel.

Map the Road to Success With Your Competent Employees

With proper competency mapping in HR with Techademy, you can have the ideal competent team of employees for successful operations at your organization.

Competency Mapping Decoded

Why is competency mapping in HRM important?

In HRM, competency mapping is essential for determining skill gaps in individuals and divisions to ensure you can hire more effectively and finance programs for learning and development that fill these gaps.

The modern competency matrix includes different kinds of competencies, including business acumen, behavioral skills, and technical skills. This matrix can be designed on different themes like leadership competencies, strategic competencies, or digital competencies.

Different types of competency matrices include the following: 

  • Technological competency matrix
  • Technical competency matrix
  • Role-based competency matrix

Techademy uses the modern competency matrix, which is an interactive and advanced way of mapping competencies within the organization. Some of the benefits of Techademy competency mapping are:

  • Identifies trends and creates solutions to fix the root causes
  • Encourages extensive data collection and sharing
  • Enables transparency between participants 
  • Boosts the organizational capabilities 
  • Helps find solutions and alternatives 
  • Ensures inventory readiness
  • Helps with backfilling
  • Optimizes organizational skill matrix

HR leaders are able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each company representative by implementing the competency mapping process. They can then offer opportunities for training and development to help staff members grow in spots where their skills might need enhancements based on the results obtained.

Competency matrix 5.0 has several benefits, such as the following:

  • Improved decision making
  • Better retention of high-performing employees
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Accurate alignment with organizational strategies

The competency mapping procedure must be tailored to your overall objectives and demands for it to be considered effective at all. Compile a list of the jobs and duties that your company deals with, the skills needed for each, and the roles that are essential for achieving your objectives. After that, evaluate the requirements.

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