Curated Content for Continuous Growth

Provide a springboard for your tech teams to attain mastery in leading tech roles through our hyper-personalized content-as-a-service feature. With customized and curated learning paths, a vast library of individual courses, and hands-on learning experiences, Techademy empowers your teams to excel in the fast-paced tech landscape.


Get Access to a Library of 8000 Courses

Through our Content-as-a-service offering, you can access a huge library of 8,000 courses that include 7,500 tech courses and 500 non-tech courses. Our tech courses cover a wide range of technologies, tools, and domains. So whether your teams need to upskill or reskill, they can access courses across difficulty levels and diverse technology stacks to stay ahead in the constantly-evolving landscape.

Comprehensive Learning Paths Crafted by Experts

Our Learning Paths are the hallmark of our Content-as-a-service offering. These learning paths are meticulously designed by tech experts, comprising multiple tech courses closely related to specific skill sets. Spanning beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, these learning paths offer your teams the opportunity to boost their skills through targeted and carefully curated content.   

Seamlessly Integrate Our Content Library With Your LMS

Face no hassle in integrating our library comprising a rich mix of courses ranging from Data Science and Machine Learning to Programming and DevOps into your existing Learning Management Systems.

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