One vast content library for all your L&D needs

  • Over 8000 courses spanning technical and non-technical domains 
  • Over 160 learning paths across all skill levels 
  • Comprehensive assessments for all proficiency levels and learner backgrounds 
  • Case-studies, projects, and guided labs for hands-on learning 
  • Ability to integrate with your existing LMS 
  • Endless customizations available 

We’ve been pioneering the skilling industry for 30+ years 

With 100+ Fortune 500 companies as customers, we’ve been offering customized solutions that are unique to the individual needs of our customers. Our engineering roadmap has been the result of feedback from our discerning marquee clients who have shaped our products to where they are today. 



A comprehensive library of 8000+ courses

Our content library is unmatched in its breadth and  
depth. With over 7500 tech courses and 500-plus  
non-technical courses, we cover just about every  

Upskill Your Workforce Across a Range of Popular as Well as Niche Technologies

And more…

Over 160 expert-crafted learning paths

Our learning library comes with over 160  
expert-crafted learning paths across all  
proficiency levels and can be filtered according  
to duration, desired skills, and other criteria.

Seamless integration with your existing LMS

Our library of courses can be accessed via our own 
state-of-the-art LXP. The option to integrate our content 
library with your learning management system is also  

A myriad customizations available

Whether you want personalized learning paths  
for your learners, customized course content, or a  
special case study or project, we can meet  
your requirements

How Our LXP works in the real world
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