Tailor-made training programs in Generative AI

Leverage Generative AI technologies to supplement skill competencies and boost efficiency in your teams

Customisable training for your tech teams on the latest advances in Generative AI

Whether they are just getting started in GenAI or are seasoned professionals, our programs can be tailored to fit the needs of your tech teams. 

Features of Our Generative AI Training Programs

Comprehensive Awareness and Skill Building

Techademy offers AI-assisted awareness programs tailored to various roles within your organization, including developers, quality engineers, and data engineers.

Generative AI Proficiency

Deep dive into adopting Generative AI-enabled  
tools to enhance your team’s productivity.

Large Language Models

Empower your teams to deploy, manage, and scale AI models with ease.

Prompt Engineering

Enable your engineering talent to develop adaptors  and connectors on LLMs for the seamless integration  and orchestration of systems.

Product Offerings

Generative AI training 
Developers program 
Prompt engineering systems 
Cloud AI-stack 


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