Get Your New Hires Off The Ground From Day #1

Build tailored, diverse engineers to close opportunity and skills gaps. Overcome the barriers of talent development and acquisition by recruiting candidates specific to your enterprise architecture

Reduce ramp times for new hires

While new employees are learning to navigate the physical and digital spaces of the company, it is critical to ensure that they have one destination they can count on to get up to speed and return to over time for continued learning and be continually productive

Decrease workflow friction and new- hire attrition

Teams benefit from less friction in the delivery process as new hires join the team. Learn how to integrate new hires while maintaining team velocity and reducing the burden on your experienced engineers—and foster new-hire community at the same time.

Increase new-hire confidence with your tech stack, processes and tools

Close new-hire skills gaps before resulting in production bugs. Provide tailored instructor-led, on-demand learning programs and simulated scenarios in risk-free environments. Identify when new hires can increase their involvement in delivery process so you know when they’re comfortable enough to take on more complex work.

How we help you hire job-ready, fresh talent

  • Onboarding experts help you instil your organization’s best practices and preferred procedures right from the start.
  • Customizable learning paths enable you to tailor new-hire skill development to align with company initiatives.
  • More than 500 instructor-led courses and 7,000 expert-led online courses empower new hires to close skills gaps in technologies critical to their role.
  • Develop and practice skills in a secure, customised environments that mirrors their production environment.

Developing tomorrows talent starts today

  • Assess your team’s proficiency in the tech skills critical to your organisation These data points can drive training needs and offer clear career paths.
  • Enable access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in job-skills in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness.
  • Measure your team’s efficiency on each technology, framework, or language to identify where you can help them upskill.
  • Guide your learners through a blended, multi-dimensional, and interactive learning journey facilitated by seasoned mentors.

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