Let Experts Take Care of Your Hiring

Accelerate your hiring process and ensure quality hires by letting our team of experts take the lead in evaluating and shortlisting candidates. With our comprehensive interviewing solutions, you can trust that your hiring needs are in capable hands.

Techademy’s Yaksha

Our Interviewer- as- a- Service helps you significantly reduce hiring time by leveraging our expert interviewers who are skilled in conducting interviews through our technical assessments engine

Rapidly Bring Down Hiring Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring top talent.

Streamline your hiring process, eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure a swift and seamless recruitment experience. Get in touch with only the crème de la crème of talent by letting Techademy Yaksha do the heavy lifting of your talent acquisition initiatives.

Access a massive pool of 10,000+ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Gain access to a vast pool of over 10,000+ highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who specialize in various technologies across various proficiencies.
Our extensive network of SMEs ensures that you have the right professionals to assess your candidates. You can directly benefit from their deep domain knowledge, industry insights, and interviewing expertise to build the best teams capable of solving modern-day problems.

Find the best talent for critical tech roles

Ensuring the quality of your hires is paramount to the success of your organization.
With our Interviewer as a Service, you can significantly enhance the quality of your talent pool. Our experienced interviewers follow rigorous evaluation methodologies and provide unbiased assessments, enabling you to make excellent hiring decisions.

Get Techademy’s Interviewer-as-a-Service

Let our Interviewer as a Service streamline your hiring process, provide access to top-notch experts, and elevate the overall quality of your hires. Focus on your business while we focus on ensuring your hires are the best!

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