What Does The L&D Stack At Your
Company Look Like?

To structure modern tech teams that drive performance and to build a continuous learning culture, it’s important to have your L&D stack figured out. Right from charting out your team’s competency matrix to setting up hyper-personalised learning initiatives. Techademy provides you tailor-made end-to-end L&D stack for all your initiatives.

Chart out employee competencies and baseline skills illustration

Understanding your team’s skills is the first step to planning L&D for your organisation. Chart out the baseline skills of all of your employees to have an overview. This key step becomes the corner stone for all future L&D activities, and lets you track from this baseline to where you need your tech teams to be in order to achieve desired business outcomes.

  • Save time by identifying the skills and skill proficiencies
  • Determine strengths and skill gaps across technologies, programming languages, and frameworks
  • Create custom assessments that align specifically with your team’s goals
  • Get the full picture with question- and lab-based assessments to test practical, hands-on tech skills

Outcome-driven, role-specific learning paths

Techademy Learning Paths are tailor-made to scientifically upskill your tech talent. While most other platforms offer courses with little to no direction or guidance, Techademy aligns learning paths to the roles of your tech talent and possible career paths to deliver tangible outcomes.

  • 800+ templates available for popular job roles across technologies
  • Available in self-paced or instructor-based, or blended
  • Ability to completely customise learning, hands-on labs, assessments, and learner journeys as per the needs of your organisation
  • 8000+ mentors-available to either train or solve queries on-demand

Build hands-on experience withtech labs

Tech skills require more than just watching videos. Hands-on experience is key in translating skills into real-world results. People learn best when doing the actual task.

  • Get quick and easy access to our sandbox environment on all top technologies
  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills on lab challenges with real-world scenarios
  • Create custom assessments that align specifically with your team’s goals
  • Validate practical experience without jeopardizing your live production environment
  • Hassle-free set-up and provisioning

Validate and measure L&D impact

Measure learning progression in an accurate manner – For both individuals and teams, these oin-depth analytics will give you clarity into what has been the impact of your L&D initiatives. This data will also be crucial for L&D managers to take the next step in the advancement of team members and use it as baseline for planning future L&D programs

  • See progress at an individual, team, and organizational level
  • Take just-in-time decisions to course-correct or improve ongoing learning plans
  • Visualize and share the impact upskilling has made on your business

Why use Techademy toto improve talent scalability within your team?

  • Analyze performance metrics and data that may point out top performers, direct skill improvement, and provide clear pathways for job advancement for employees
  • Identify proficiency in the tech skills critical to your initiatives. That data can identify high performers, guide skill development, and offer clear paths to career growth.
  • Understand the true economics of value creation in specific roles. That’s precisely why Techademy can be one of your secret weapons in the war for talent.
  • Give your teams access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in key areas in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness.

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