Improve Your Team’s Skill-Base With Leading Industry-Recognized Certifications

Our certification learning paths are closely aligned to vendor certification exams, so you’ll not only ace the exam but feel confident working in a production environment.

Techademy’s Certification Tracks Are A Combination Of


Video-based training to build tech skills on leading technologies

Skill-assessments and Quizzes

Validate what your team learns on-the-go

Hands-on Labs

Practice and demonstrate problem-solving skills with tech labs

Hands-on Labs

Practice and demonstrate problem-solving skills with tech labs

Capstone Projects

Analyze and work on real business use-cases

Collaborative Learning

Promote social interaction among learners and mentors

Mentoring Sessions

F2F discussions with our expert mentors to help them progress.

Story-based sessions

Connect to narratives emotionally to create higher recall and retention

Save time. Reduce overhead. Drive results.

Techademy enables teams to predictably Assess, Develop, and Validate tech skills through a programmatic approach, and Training Plans are a key part of our proven technology to effectively manage certification programs at scale.

Assign Personalized Training with Due Dates and Remainders

Create clearly-defined, easy-to-follow Training Plans across multiple teams, skills, and certifications.

Valid Certification Readiness with Intuitive Skills Reporting

Confidently know when each team member is ready to pass their certification exam.

Monitor Each Team Progress with Granular Insights

Easily align on initiatives, track progress company-wide, and course-correct when users fall behind.

Fast Track The Path To Tech Fluency

Comprehensive Program Design

  • Exclusive access to subject matter experts
  • Frameworks for effective stakeholder engagement
  • Certification prep webinar series

Hands-on Guided Learning

  • Instructor-led live labs
  • Team office hours
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Re-certification Bootcamps

Measurement & Accountability

  • Progress checks with Customer Success Manager
  • Ensure certification readiness with Skill Profiles
  • Shareable insights across teams

Develop tech fluency where it matters most

Each organization is unique, so Techademy places each on their own path to tech fluency, and subsequently certification training. Employees begin to share a foundational understanding of relevant technologies.

Track achievement and progress at scale

Techademy’s certification programs offers easy-to-access, expert-led learning that fits into busy work schedules. It helps learners understand how key tech concepts affect business outcomes and how to apply those concepts in their work. Assessments and analytics help leaders understand their progress and make data-driven decisions. Leaders across the organization can collaborate to improve innovation and achieve workforce objectives.

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