Place Employees At The Center Of Your Business Transformation

Maintain a competitive edge by developing critical skills across employees and domain, be it a new hire or senior positions. Identify your talent’s proficiency in the tech skills key to business initiatives so that you can strategically upskill and reskill them to attain desirable business outcomes.

Implement cross-skilling across job functions

Empower your employees to branch out of their core competencies with Techademy by identifying talent who can quickly apply their skills from one technology onto another. Set up a hyper-personalised learning ecosystem that enable cross-skilling across job roles of varying seniorities.

Learning a whole new skillset can be overwhelming

Identify and prioritize the skills, new technologies, or platforms most necessary to the continued success of your organization. Techademy’s learning solutions can help your workforce overcome this inertia by tying reskilling milestones to performance objectives and career paths within the organization.

Reduce your hiring cost

Reduce the cost to hire new talent by assessing technical proficiency and providing tailored learning experiences for individuals across custom virtual or on-demand platforms. You can save time, money, and stress if you know which tech talent you can move to a new team or project. You can reduce ticket queue time, unplanned work abandoned PRs and technical debt with insights.

Developing tomorrows talent starts today

  • Assess your team’s proficiency in the tech skills critical to your organisation These data points can drive training needs and offer clear career paths.
  • Enable access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in job-skills in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness.
  • Measure your team’s efficiency on each technology, framework, or language to identify where you can help them upskill.
  • Guide your learners through a blended, multi-dimensional, and interactive learning journey facilitated by seasoned mentors.

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