Set Up Your New Hires For Success Before They Join!

Accelerate Talent Deployment and Ensure Peak Performance from Day One

Build tailored, diverse tech teams, overcome the barriers of talent development and acquisition, and get your new hires ready for deployment.


Reduce ramp times for new Hires

While new employees are learning to navigate the physical and digital spaces of the company, it is critical to ensure that they have one destination they can count on to get up to speed and return over time for continued learning and be continually productive.

Get your teams off the ground from day 1.

Elevate Campus-Hire Engagement 

Significantly enhance engagement with your campus hires or entry-level hiring through excellent learning content, auto-evaluated assessments, and hands-on practice labs and prepare your new hires for deployment at breakneck speed!

Increase new-hire confidence with advanced tech stacks

Close new-hire skills gaps before resulting in production bugs. Provide tailored instructor-led, on-demand learning programs and simulated scenarios in risk-free environments. Identify when new hires can increase their involvement in delivery processes so you know when they’re comfortable enough to take on more complex work.

How we help you Hire Job-Ready, Fresh Talent

Onboarding experts help you instill the best practices and preferred procedures right from the start.

Customizable learning paths enable you to tailor new-hire skill development to align with company initiatives.

Courses and learning paths that are built from the ground up for you based on budget, timeline, and outcomes

Develop and practice skills in secure, customised environments that mirror their production environments to ensure clinical alignment to role-specific skills

Accelerate Onboarding with Techademy's Pre-Joining Learning Solutions

Prepare new hires for success with our Learning Before Joining programs. Our tailored courses ensure employees acquire essential skills and knowledge before their first day, leading to a smoother transition and enhanced productivity.

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Learn Before Joining Decoded

Q1. What is the "Learn Before Joining" program Techademy provides, and what benefits does it offer new hires?

“Learn Before Joining” is a pre-onboarding training program designed by Techademy to prepare new employees for success before their official start date. It aims to accelerate talent deployment and ensure peak performance from day one by providing customized learning paths, engaging training content, and hands-on practice labs. It enables companies to save huge on induction costs and provides role-fitment even before reimbursement starts.

Techademy offers a centralized learning platform where new hires can swiftly get up to speed on the company’s physical and digital workspaces. Through auto-evaluated assessments and continuous learning opportunities, employees can become productive right away instead of needing months of ramp-up time.

Yes, Techademy provides customizable learning paths to align skill development for new hires with each company’s unique goals and initiatives. Courses and plans can be built from scratch based on the client’s budget, timeline, and desired outcomes.

Techademy closes skill gaps through tailored instructor-led training, on-demand learning, and simulated scenarios in safe environments mirroring real systems. This prepares employees to proficiently handle complex tasks without risk of errors in live production.

Techademy provides onboarding expertise to instill preferred practices early on, ensuring new staff understand the company’s ways of working. With engaging training content and hands-on labs, Techademy helps companies effectively convey their work culture so new hires transition smoothly into roles.

By ensuring that the campus hires are constantly engaging with learning engagement initiatives, companies have a clear view on learning traction, candidate engagement and role fitment. This contributes significantly in saving induction costs and speeds up deployment.

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