Role and Stack-Aligned Assessments for Data-Driven Talent Decisions

Skills Revealed, Potential Unlocked

Techademy’s ULXP transforms talent management by enabling tailored stack-based and role-based assessments. These online evaluations provide actionable insights to optimize hiring, align training programs, and map workforce capabilities. Assess talent across technology stacks, map skills to roles, reveal development areas, and unlock workforce excellence through data-driven assessments.

Make Optimal Hires for High-impact Roles

Techademy-Yaksha’s role-based hiring assessment solutions empower recruiters to make optimal hires for high-impact roles. Tailored to specific job requirements, our assessments evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, and capabilities, enabling you to identify the right fit for critical positions. Streamline your hiring process, ensure alignment between candidates and roles, and build a workforce poised for success.

Comprehensive Assessments Spanning Entire Tech Stacks

Techademy-Yaksha offers stack-based assessments that allow you to evaluate candidates’ proficiency across diverse technologies and domains. Assess technical aptitude, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability to different technology ecosystems, ensuring your organization has the expertise needed to thrive.

With Techademy’s ULXP’s advanced competency mapping frameworks, you can

According to a report by Glassdoor, organizations that adopt role-based hiring and use skill-based assessments can reduce their time-to-hire by 50%.

Additionally, 89% of organizations that adopted role-based hiring improved employee retention.

Employees hired based on skills are 2.8X more inclined to excel as high performers in their respective roles.

Targeted Training and Development

Pinpoint skill gaps and develop targeted training programs to enhance your team's capabilities and keep up with the dynamic tech landscape.

Assessments across 100+ Roles and Stacks

Techademy-Yaksha’s assessments cover over 100 roles and stacks, providing a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ capabilities across various job functions and technology domains. Unlock the potential of diverse talent pools, understand unique strengths of candidates, and foster a skilled and versatile workforce.

How our LXP works in the real world
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Harness the Power of Role-Based Assessments for Growth

Every employee in your tech organization plays an important role. They have specific functions to perform and lead their projects to success. A good role-based or stack-based assessment is necessary to evaluate your employees’ skill sets. Techademy can help you create personalized tech role-based assessments that can engage and motivate your employees.

Role-based Stack-based Assessment Decoded

Q1. What are the benefits of role-based assessment in a tech organization?

The role-based assessments by Techademy offer benefits such as skill gap analysis, hyper personalization, pre and post-training tests, and project readiness analysis for tech organizations.

Role-based assessments can help talented leaders identify areas for growth, set performance standards, and support employees’ professional progress by offering insights into an employee’s strengths, shortcomings, and areas for development.

Role-based assessments can be used by different leaders in tech organizations, such as HR leaders, talent acquisition leaders, L&D leaders, and the resource management group. These assessments come with multi-role question reviewer logins.

A stack-based assessment can be used for evaluating a candidate’s technical knowledge and code-writing skills. It enables HR managers to easily determine the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses as well as evaluate how well they can manage challenging technical projects. The most important aspect is that the evaluation is at the level of a complete tech stack and not on individual technologies.

Techademy’s role-based assessments can be used at multiple levels in a tech organization, such as bench strengthening, complete stack-based project readiness, deployment readiness, pre-screening, and fresher hiring.

The comprehensive Techademy Yaksha assessment platform can be used by Talent and L&D leaders for various purposes, including campus/fresher hiring, internal job movement, employee engagement hackathons, employee appraisals, lateral hiring, and proof of learning.