Excellent Learning Solutions that Perfectly Align with Tech Roles

Hone your employees’ potential to get optimal performance from your tech talent.

Unlock the full potential of your tech workforce with Techademy’s role-based skilling solutions. Our comprehensive learning ecosystem offers a wide range of learning templates, training frameworks, tech labs, immersive learning experiences, and pre/post-training assessments. With Techademy’s integrated Learning Experience Platform, you can align and engage your learners with career paths tailored to their specific tech roles, ensuring continuous growth and development.

100+ Tech Learning Templates to Choose From

Discover the right learning paths and templates for role-based training across all levels and roles in your organization. Engage and align your learners with career paths within Techademy’s integrated Learning Experience Platform.

Choose from a vast selection of ready-made and customizable learning paths, allowing you to tailor the training experience to your organization’s needs. Whether blended learning or self-paced, Techademy has the flexibility to accommodate your learning requirements.

A Training Framework That's Best for Your Organization's Needs

Techademy offers a training framework that seamlessly integrates with your organization’s culture. With a library of over 7,500 tech courses, all tailor-made to meet the niche demands of today’s evolving IT ecosystem, you can ensure that your tech teams receive the training they need.

Our role-specific and competency-based training framework offers different modes of learning including:

Self-paced Learning

Instructor-led Training

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Blended Learning

Virtual Labs for On-the-Job Learning

Enable your employees to practice and test their role-based skills and knowledge with Techademy’s virtual labs platform – Techademy MakeMyLabs, which provides a hands-on learning environment where learners can collaborate with others to build practical applications, fostering a collaborative and immersive learning experience. You can also configure pre-set images across cohorts or across enterprise to ensure learning consistency and standardization of learning infrastructure.

Immersive Learning to Keep Your Learners Hooked

Techademy’s ULXP goes the extra mile to ensure engaging training sessions. We leverage modern technologies and tools to customize and design virtual training programs that are interactive and captivating. Through gamification and social learning, we create immersive learning experiences that keep your learners hooked and motivated.

Pre and Post-Training Assessments

Integrate assessments into your learning ecosystem to measure the impact of the role-specific based training. Techademy offers a range of ready-made assessment templates through its proprietary assessments engine – Techademy Yaksha.

Techademy’s role-based skilling solutions, integrated with our Learning Experience Platform, empower your tech workforce with excellent learning solutions perfectly aligned with their existing tech roles. Leverage our diverse range of learning templates, training frameworks, tech labs, immersive learning experiences, and pre/post-training assessments to ensure continuous growth and skill development within your organization.

Train to Success

The journey to a successful organization starts with enhancing your employees. Role-based training opens the door to success for your organization. Don’t believe just words; see the incredible numbers!

The Society for Human Resource Management conducted a study in which 86% of HR managers believe that training is beneficial to retain their talented employees.

According to a survey conducted by the team of IRS Training Sdn Bhd, 74% of the employees are ready to learn new skills and retrain to stay in an organization.

As stated by the Lordman group, 34% of the employees love to get role-based training, and 41% of them consider this training to be very beneficial for them and their organization.

Specific to the Role, Specific to the Growth

Providing your employees with the right tools and guidance on the basis of their job roles will bring more business to your organization. With the assistance of Techademy MakeMyLabs, ULXP, and Techademy-Yaksha, you can train and assess your employees for the best. Associate with industry experts and transcend your workforce’s capabilities!

Role-Based Training Decoded

How can Techademy help your workforce?

Techademy follows a completely personalized and step-by-step process to help your workforce be competent with the required skills. Techademy’s workforce transformation includes: 

  • Role-based skilling
  • CURE (cross-skill, upskill, reskill and expert-skilling)
  • Stack-based skilling

For enhanced performance and talent readiness for the future, Techademy offers role-based training via multiple delivery formats. The fundamental characteristics of Techademy’s role-based training include:

  • Focused learning solution with hyper-personalization of training sessions
  • Role-based assessments with Yaksha
  • Detailed reporting
  • Virtual instructor training with Virtutor
  • Hands-on training with MakeMyLabs
  • Access to real-time projects

Techademy provides detailed dashboards and reports for HR and L&D leaders to assess and analyze the performance of their employees. The reporting is done in three levels:

  • Individual learning progress and performance reports
  • Cohort-wise data, insights, reports, and actions
  • Program-level reporting, health, evaluation, and actions

Techademy’s role-based skilling or training has several benefits: 

  • Provides a personalized learning journey
  • Skill accreditation
  • Unified learning experience
  • Standardization
  • Scalable training 
  • Minimizes bench strength
  • Increase productivity and output

Role-based skill development builds the competencies, expertise, and skills necessary for employees to move up in their existing roles and evolve within them. This strategy focuses on the tasks and responsibilities that correspond to a specific function inside an organization.

Techademy offers three different modes of training based on the learning and development requirements of your organization. 

  • Self-paced learning: online learning and practice and on-demand mentor interaction
  • Blended learning: online learning using the flipped classroom model and classroom learning with mentors
  • Virtual instructor-led training: completely instructor-led training with additional digital content access.

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