Empower your teams to take charge of their career progression

Validate various technical skills of your teams, create your own role-based or stack-based certification paths, and prepare your teams for quick deployment.

Skill Accreditation

Build your own skill-based or stack-based accreditation paths

Map similar skills and club them to build your own skill accreditation paths for specific tech stacks or roles. Techademy’s ULXP offers an extensive range of accreditations, covering multiple roles and technologies. Leverage our customized skill accreditations to validate the expertise of your teams in the areas that matter the most.

Empower Your Teams to Propel Their Careers

Invest in the growth and success of your teams by integrating an enterprise-wide skill validation framework. Prepare your teams for roles of the future, seamlessly track progress, and enhance employee learnability.

Ensure your teams are deployment ready

Make sure your teams have the necessary skills to take on new-age projects. Techademy’s Skill Accreditation feature makes it easier for you to identify specific skills within your teams and prepare them thoroughly for deployment.

Make internal job movements easier

Techademy’s skill accreditation offering makes it easy for individual members in your tech teams to make switches to other teams to different teams within your organization.
Several top companies have leveraged Techademy’s enterprise-level skill accreditation frameworks along with our assessments engine – Techademy-Yaksha – to simplify and internal job movements

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