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Techademy’s Skill Inventory Management revolutionizes how you harness and optimize your organization’s tech talent. With our comprehensive Unified Learning Experience Platform, you can gain complete visibility and control over the skills and expertise within your teams. Seamlessly track, manage, and leverage the skill-sets of your workforce, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximizing productivity.

Internal Skill Utilization: Optimally Utilize Skill-Sets Within Your Tech Teams

Gain a comprehensive overview of the skills present within your workforce. Identify areas of expertise, bridge skill gaps, and ensure the right people are assigned to the right projects.
Unlock optimal resource allocation, boost collaboration, and achieve unsurpassed impact within your tech teams.

Retain to Reign

“According to a recent study, companies that follow skill-based management for internal dynamics have an employee retention period of an average of 5.4 years! This number is two times the period of the companies that struggle with employee retention!”

Seamlessly Deploy Skilled Individuals for Priority Projects

With Techademy’s ULXP, you can ensure seamless deployment of skilled individuals for your organization’s priority projects. Techademy’s Skill Inventory Management empowers you to efficiently identify and assign individuals with the required expertise to critical initiatives. Streamline project execution, and accelerate time-to-market, ensuring successful delivery of strategic projects.

Manage skills through hyper-personalized dashboards

Techademy Rubicon is a centralized data warehouse that empowers end users including individual Learners, Learning Managers, and HR heads with rich data analytics, intelligent insights and sharp learning recommendations in the form of skill profiles, live learning dashboards, and custom report builders.

Techademy Rubicon also serves as an incredible skill inventory management platform that helps you to go beyond just learning to transform your organization with relevant talent management inputs on upskilling, reskilling, succession planning, and resource allocation recommendations. With seamless integration, a scalable infrastructure, robust security, and dedicated support, Rubicon is your one-stop solution for delivering cutting-edge learning experiences to your teams. Consider it a learning telemetry dashboard while you are hurtling down the skilling fast lane.

Curate and Manage Your Skilled Employees With Ease

Streamline the selection and management of your skilled employees put together towards the talent management of your organization with a skills inventory management platform like Techademy Rubicon.

Understanding Skills Inventory Management Better

What is the main purpose of a skills inventory?

With an ever-evolving landscape and developing technologies, a skills inventory enables companies and their HR leaders to be watchful about any possible shortcomings in the skills or competencies of their employees.

A skills inventory is a listing or database that provides the ranking, education, experience, and skills of your employees. This inventory facilitates the evaluation of your current talent pool, resource planning, gap analysis, and accurate forecasting of the organization’s objectives that your employees can or cannot meet.

The technique of projecting the number and caliber of employees needed in the future is known as HR demand forecasting. The projections must be based on a long-term talent strategy, which has to be broken down into activity levels for every division and function.

Using a skills inventory management platform, you may produce invaluable details that enable you to grasp your workforce’s potential. By gaining insight into your employees’ complete potential, including their qualifications, experience, performance reviews, and more, you can more effectively utilize their skills within the company.

The following steps can be followed to create a skills inventory in an organization: 

  • Decide on the inventory’s intended purpose.
  • Select the abilities that will be listed in the inventory. 
  • Assess the skill level of your employees. 
  • Note down the results you found.
  • To get a sense of the talent levels of your staff, create a skills matrix.
  • Determine which parts require development.
  • Give your key stakeholders access to your skills inventory.

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