Redefine your talent landscape by creating customized learning journeys for specific skill clusters

Skill ontology offers a comprehensive conduit to help train your workforce on specific skills post mapping skill-sets through a competency mapping framework.
Get a clear and structured representation of the skills landscape within your organization, understand specific skill proficiencies, plug gaps, and identify potential areas for growth to efficiently streamline your training initiatives.

Gain an accurate line of sight to your existing talent pool

Understand the true potential of your workforce by gaining comprehensive visibility into their skills and capabilities. With Techademy’s skill ontology, you can effectively assess and manage your talent, making informed decisions for resource allocation, upskilling, and career development.
You can:

Gain a holistic view of employee skills and competencies

Identify strengths and gaps within your talent pool

Facilitate effective talent management and succession planning

Create skill profiles based on individual proficiencies using our our assessments engine

Harness the power of individual expertise by creating detailed skill profiles for each employee. Techademy’s skill ontology enables you to capture and analyze their proficiencies, empowering targeted training and development initiatives for skill enhancement and career growth.

Build comprehensive skill profiles for employees

Identify core competencies and areas for growth

Personalize training and development plans based on individual proficiencies

Create learning journeys and career paths for specific skill clusters

Design customized learning journeys and career paths tailored to specific skill clusters within your organization. Techademy’s skill ontology allows you to align training programs and development opportunities with the evolving needs of each skill cluster, fostering continuous skill development and career progression.

Develop tailored learning journeys for specific skill clusters

Align training programs with skill cluster requirements

Foster continuous skill development and engagement within targeted clusters

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