Azure Fundamental

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  • Hours and mode: 40 Hours
  • Hours of Practice: 10 Hours
  • Hands-on available?: Yes
  • Technologies taught:Azure Fundamentals, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Storage, Azure Networking, Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM), Azure Database Services, Azure Security Services.
  • Assessments or certification available?: Yes
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40 Hrs

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40 Hrs


10 Hrs

Hands-On Practice

23 Hrs

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Security & Complance

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Introduction to Azure

  1. Overview of cloud computing
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  3. Azure global infrastructure and regions
  4. Azure services and categories
  5. Week 2: Azure Subscription and Resource Management
  1. Managing Azure resources
  2. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model
  3. Azure Resource Manager templates
  4. Week 3: Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)
  1. Creating and configuring Azure VMs
  2. Managing Azure VMs
  3. Azure VM scaling and high availability
  4. Week 4: Azure Storage
  1. Azure Blob Storage
  2. Azure File Storage
  3. Azure Table Storage
  4. Week 4: Azure Queue Storage
  1. Azure Virtual Network (VNet) concepts
  2. Azure Load Balancer
  3. Azure Application Gateway
  4. Azure VPN Gateway
  1. Overview of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  2. Azure RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
  3. Managing Azure AD users, groups, and roles
  4. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  1. Introduction to Azure database services
  2. Azure SQL Database
  3. Azure Cosmos DB
  4. Azure MySQL Database
  5. Azure PostgreSQL Database
  6. Week 8: Azure App Services
  1. Creating and deploying web apps
  2. Managing app settings and configurations
  3. Continuous deployment with Azure DevOps
  1. Overview of Azure Monitor
  2. Azure Metrics and Logs
  3. Monitoring Azure resources
  4. Azure Automation for managing and automating tasks
  5. Week 10: Azure Security
  6. Introduction to Azure Security Centre
  7. Azure Key Vault for managing secrets
  8. Azure Sentinel for cloud native SIEM
  9. Implementing security best practices in Azure
  1. Understanding Azure billing and pricing
  2. Azure Cost Management and Billing
  3. Managing and optimizing Azure costs
  4. Budgets and alerts in Azure Cost Management
  1. Final project: Design and deploy a cloud solution on Azure
  2. Review of key concepts and technologies covered in the course
  3. Q&A session and exam preparation

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