Core JavaScript

  • Hours and mode: 20 Hours
  • Hands-on available?: Yes
  • Technologies taught: Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js
  • Assessments or certification available?: Yes
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Introduction to JavaScript

  1. Setting Up a Development Environment
  2. Set up the tools you need to use JavaScript
  3. Where to Use JavaScript
  4. JavaScript tags in the HTML head, vs body, vs external files
  5. What does JavaScript code look like?
  6. Output
  1. Statements and Comments
  2. Variables
  3. Assignment Operators
  4. Arithmetic Operators
  5. Comparison and Logic Operators
  6. Strings, Numbers, and Boolean Data Types
  7. Arrays
  1. Objects
  2. Functions
  3. If and If/Else and If/Else If Statements
  4. Switch
  5. For Loops
  6. While Loops
  7. Intro to JSON
  1. Introduction to HTML/CSS
  2. Intro to the HTML DOM
  3. DOM Methods and Properties
  4. Dom Document Objects
  5. Finding Dom Elements
  6. Changing HTML Output, Content, and Attributes
  7. Changing CSS
  8. Understanding Events
  9. Event Listeners
  10. Navigating DOM Nodes
  11. Creating New Nodes
  12. The Node List
  13. Form Validating
  14. Introduction to jQuery
  1. What Is AJAX
  2. AJAX Requests – GET or POST?
  3. AJAX Response
  1. Introduction to ECMAScript
  2. Understanding Let and Const and Var
  3. Arrow Functions
  4. Exports and Imports
  5. Understanding Classes
  6. Class properties and methods
  7. Spread and Rest operators
  8. Destructing in detail
  9. Reference and Primitive Types
  10. Array Functions
  11. String Objects
  12. Date Object explanation
  13. Template Strings
  14. Promises
  15. Async/Await
  16. Generators Functions
  17. Map and set
  18. Weak map and Weakest
  19. Babel, NPM, webpack overview
  20. Working With Document Object
  21. Document Object and its properties, methods, and events
  22. Link, Anchor& Cookies object
  23. Link, Anchor& Cookies object
  24. Closures, Callbacks, and Recursion
  25. Introduction to closures
  26. How to use closures
  27. The Slide Show application
  28. How to use callbacks
  29. How to use recursion
  30. The Task Manager application
  31. JSON Object
  32. JSON. stringify and JSON. Parse
  33. Object Freeze
  34. An introduction to testing and debugging
  35. How to debug with Chrome’s developer tools
  36. Other debugging methods
  37. Types of Packages
  38. Installing and updating packages
  39. Use of package. Json and package-lock. Json file
  40. Promise and async/await
  41. Introduction to Callback function
  42. Promises in detail
  43. Creating Promises
  44. Using Promises with async/await
  45. Using multiple Promises
  46. Returning values from async functions

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