Matillion Snowflake 

Training Outcome In One Line: Purpose-built for Google BigQuery, Matillion provides ability to quickly load and transform data within BigQuery. Matillion visually orchestrates sophisticated data workflows with transactions, decisions, and loops.  
  • Total hours and mode: 40 hours & VILT
  • Hands-on available? – Yes
  • Technologies taught: NA
  •  Assessments or certification available? – Assessment available
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Organizational Benefits of Training on Matillion Snowflake


Master Snowflake data integration

Reduce operational costs

Optimize data performance

Boost productivity

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Course Contents:

Duration – 5 days (40 hours)

Module 1: Understanding Redshift (Designing Snowflake Tables):

  1. Data Distribution Concept
  2. Micro-partition, Time-travel and Cloning
  3. Types of tables
  4. Data Sharing and replication
  1. Query Planning and Execution Workflow
  2. Generating the Query Plan
  3. Factors Affecting the Query Performance
  4. Query Profile and system tables
  1. Brief Intro and comparison with other ETL tools/ Benefits and Cons.
  2. Difference between orchestration jobs and transformation jobs and use cases for both
  3. Data loading from various sources, Various methods of Data ingestion. Setting up
  1. Vacuum Tables Component
  2. Analyze Tables Component
  3. SQL Script Component
  4. Python Script Component
  5. SNS / SQS Message Component
  6. CloudWatch Publish Component
  7. Fixed Iterator Component
  8. Retry Component
  1. Implement SCD Type 1
  2. Implement SCD Type 2
  3. Create a Static Date Dimension
  4. Implement Sample Jobs for some Orchestration Component Use Cases
  1. Error Handling Mechanism
  2. Parameterization of variables and their usage.
  3. Other important concepts that help in optimization and smooth functioning.
  4. DDL – Create Table, Create External Table, Create Stream, Delete Table
  5. Flow –Success, Failure, Retry, If,Or
  6. Load/Unload – S3 Load/Unload, API and CRM (with Use case)
  7. Snowflake and AWS specific components.
  8. Variables – Grid Variables, Job Variables, Table Result to Grid, Query Result to Grip
  9. Read – Fixed Flow, Generate Sequence, Stream Input, Table Input
  10. Join – Unite, Join, Intersect
  11. Write – Create View, Table output, Table Update
  12. Security features
  13. The use case should cover the above
  14. Matillion Scheduling and Deployment approach (Manual and GitHub)

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