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Organizational Benefits of Training on Terraform


Improve multi-cloud infrastructure deployment

Reduce deployment costs

Automated Infrastructure management

Enables Infrastructure as Code

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Course Contents:

Target Audience

  1. Microsoft Azure IaaS Skill resources
  2. Microsoft Azure PaaS Skill resources
  1. Basic understanding of Window/Linux Servers – L100
  2. Good hands-on familiarity with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure – Level 200
  3. Good hands-on familiarity with Scripting Languages – Level 200
  4. Must have an Azure Trial account

Course Contents:

What is Infrastructure as a Code

  1. What is Terraform
  2. How Terraform works
  3. Understanding Cloud Orchestration code and Terraform
  4. Why Terraform
  5. Brief History of Terraform
  6. Terraform vs Other IaC Tools
  1. Window
  2. Linux
  3. Setting up environmental variable
  4. Validate Installation by Terraform Version command
  1. Terraform Basic
  2. Version
  3. Terraform Plan, Show, Apply, Destroy
  4. Terraform registry
  5. Interpolation
  1. Terraform Syntax: Providers
  2. Terraform Syntax: Resources
  3. Terraform Syntax: Variables
  4. Terraform Syntax: Data Sources
  5. Terraform Syntax: Outputs
  6. Terraform: Loops & If-Statements
  7. Terraform: Conditions
  8. Terraform: Build in Functions
  1. Different ways of authenticating to Microsoft Azure using Azure Provider 1
  2. Understanding Resources in Terraform
  3. Create resources in Azure using Terraform
  4. Change Resources in Azure using Terraform
  5. Destroy Resources in Azure using Terraform
  1. Deploying a Vanilla Windows Server 2016 Azure VM with Terraform
  2. Deploying a Vanilla Linux Server (RHCE) Azure VM with Terraform
  3. Deploying a Windows Server 2016 Azure VM with Terraform with IIS enabled and configured
  4. Deploying a RHCE Linux Azure VM with Terraform with NGINX Web Server enabled and configured
  5. Deploying Azure VM’s for a three-tier sample application architecture through Terraform on IaaS
  6. Deploying AD DC with two-member server on Azure VM through Terraform
  7. Deploying a three-tier sample application architecture through Terraform, with Azure SQL DB as the data-tier
  1. Introduction to Modules
  2. Module repositories
  3. Refactoring the existing configuration into a Module
  4. Module Output
  5. Module versioning
  1. Understanding Terraform State
  2. Shared Storage for State Files
  3. Isolating State files by Workspace /File Layout
  1. Debugging the Terraform Script
  2. Manual Testing
  3. Automated Testing
  1. Integrating Terraform with Git
  2. Integrating Terraform with Packer
  3. Integrating terraform with other IaC Tools
  4. Terraform templates
  5. Terraform plugins
  1. Day 1 – 1 HOL
  2. Day 2 – 1 HOL
  3. Day 3 – 1 HOL

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